The Terminology of Latin Characters

The Classification of Latin Typefaces


East-Asian & Latin character comparison 





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Information, deisgn, and wording are still updating...

“East-West/West-East” is an MFA thesis project with the goal of fundamentally discovering the commonality and unity among Chinese, Korean, and Japanese typography in order to enhance the encountering with Latin Typography specifically with English typography. Due to the variety and quantity of existing East-Asian typography realm, this thesis project is open-ended and willing to contribute to any ongoing studies, conversations, projects, and digital platforms which explores such topic.

While in a macro level, notions of globalization and nationalism are shifting in between the two over the time. The encountering across multiple cultures in a micro level, which is in a daily life scenario, is unstoppable. Graphic design and especially typography play the critical part in order to enhance and improve this daily-basis communication. The encountering between East-Asian typography and English typography will be one of the main driven forces. In the meantime, Chinese, Japanese, and Hangul typography shall increase their own discussions on East-Asian typographical designs, aesthetic, typesetting, and mass applications with social context.

This website can be seen more than one of the deliverables from Yi Mao’s Graphic Design MFA thesis project. It is a derivate which will be on-going in his post-graduation period.

If you’re interested in seeing his other projects, please visit www.yimao.design

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